Franklin Mining Bolivia operates with the highest standards of quality and efficiency by optimizing our resources and the preservation of the environment. In this way we generate value in fields in which we operate and the projects that explore and exploit, besides contributing to the socio-economic and cultural development of our society, we develop a model mining operations through safe, low cost, innovative technology, social commitment and respect for the environment, creating value for shareholders, employees, and the region in which it operates.


Being a global benchmark of success in mining high profitability through optimal use of resources.


Promoting Sustainable Development in the neighboring region to the site involving the Communities in activities related to its productive nature.

Participation in social and institutional development on the localities adjacent to the venture.

The basic principles of mining to achieve its objectives are:

1. The development of sustainable relationships with the government and authorities of the communities where they do the job.

2. Being a company active in the development of the communities where they develop the exploration or exploitation.

3. Reduce environmental impact and work according to the rules governing the mining industry nationally.



Encourage and promote respect and care for the environment by being transparent in our activities, informing individuals of the environment and including them in the procedures and activities of the company. With Confidence - Integrity, Teamwork, Honesty, and Professionalism - Continuous improvement - Mutual respect - Transparency - Commitment to safety, environment and social responsibility.

We rely on the following:

Work daily for health and safety as priorities.

Maintain social license through our commitment to the communities and the protection of the environment.

Respect local communities, origin, culture, languages, customs and rights.

Respect the rights of employees and their personal dignity.


To maintain an open communication on enviromental issues and the cultural and social richness, with the community, regulation instances and other interested parties;

To design, construct and operate the installations trying to minimize the impact made by its operations;

To have a continue evaluation on the posible enviromental effects of its operations and integrate the enviromental facts in all the aspects related to the planification, operate decissions and process, as a part of the commitment of FMB preventing pollution;

To informa and train its employees, contractors and all the people that works with FMB with the objective to achieve the commitments described in this policy, so everybody understands their enviromental respoinsabilities and fullfill them;

To mantain updated the enviromental system and provide the necessary resources that assure the accomplish of this Policy of Enviromental Work.



Project "I am technical"

The objective of this project is to provide young people and local children to acquire knowledge, technical level, in the management of software packages that allow the use of computer.

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