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Franklin Considers the Reopening of Development on the Company's Gem and Freighters Friend Mines in Clear Creek County Colorado

Las Vegas, NV, Sep 04, 2012 ( via COMTEX) FRANKLIN MINING, INC. (Pink Sheets: FMNJD) is pleased to announce that the Company has revisited the opportunity to launch development on the Company's mining property in Clear Creek County, Colorado. Franklin's Gem and Freighters Friend Mines are situated on the JL Emerson fault Zone; one of the largest mineralized faults in the Idaho Springs mining district. In past evaluations the property has revealed the probability of yielding strong mineral production.

Geological mapping and sampling done in the past has revealed that there is ore grade mineralization on the lowermost level of the Freighters Friend mine; and it is the Company's position that with the current mineral value in the market recently it has become much more profitable for the Company to begin development on this property than in times past.

This property was prepared for production with a considerable past investment in the construction of the Franklin Mill along with the rehabilitation of the Franklin and Freighters Friend shafts and underground workings. The constructing of surface support facilities was also started such as an on-site assay lab, office and changing room for the miners.

"When this mine was first equipped, the mineral value was in a range that did not justify the investment involved, however with gold having risen in value from within the range of $250 per ounce to well over $1600 over the past decade, we are highly persuaded to embark on this property once again, whereas it seems that the opportunity is getting only more advantageous as time goes on. We are truly enthused about the possibilities here." stated William Petty, Chief Executive Officer.

About Franklin Mining, Inc. Franklin Mining, Inc. is a publicly traded international exploration and mining company, headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, with offices in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The Company adheres to the highest standards of quality and efficiency by optimizing the Company's resources through a system which places the preservation of the environment among the Company's top objectives. Franklin Mining, Inc. endeavors to find value in fields in which the projects can be explored and exploited while contributing to the socio-economic and cultural development of its society. The Company has developed model mining operations through safe, cost effective and innovative technologies. Franklin Mining Inc.has purposed to uphold a great social commitment and respect for the environment while creating a robust value for its shareholders, employees, and the region within which it operates. Additional information can be found at the Company's corporate

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