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Franklin Moves Forward on Development Strategy to Prepare for Production on the Company's Gem and Freighters Friend Mines in Clear Creek County, Colorado

LAS VEGAS, NV, Sep 13, 2012 ( via COMTEX) FRANKLIN MINING, INC. (Pink Sheets: - News) is pleased to announce that the Company has decided to mobilize on the opportunity to develop the Company's mining property in Clear Creek County, Colorado.

In past evaluations the property has revealed the probability of yielding strong mineral production. Particularly in February 19, 1998 a survey was conducted by Steven R. Schurman, a Certified Professional Geologist and president of MinSearch, Inc. The official review of existing technical data relative to ore bodies found at the Franklin Mine in February and in October, 1998, revealed two areas of strong gold mineralization approximately halfway between the Franklin and Freighters Friend shafts on the 900 and 976 levels of the mine. The ore grade gold mineralization was defined by 76 samples taken at five-foot intervals along the vein. The sampling indicates the presence of 6,200 tons of rock containing an average of 0.91 oz/ton gold, 9.5 oz/ton silver and substantial quantities of lead and zinc.

These results were announced on November 11, 1998 by Franklin Mining, previously traded as WCM CAPITAL, INC. under the ticker symbol WCMC and can be found at:

With this property having been previously prepared for production with a substantial investment in the construction of the Franklin Mill along with the rehabilitation of the Franklin and Freighters Friend shafts and underground workings, the Company anticipates that this will be the one of its most profitable ventures.

Franklin's Gem and Freighters Friend Mines are situated on the JL Emerson fault Zone, one of the largest mineralized faults in the Idaho Springs mining district.

"We are extremely pleased to announce this new project. There is a great deal of potential on this property, and we are very optimistic about the outstanding opportunity this presents with Ore at its current prices," stated William Petty, Chief Executive Officer.

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