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Franklin Mining Reports Progress on Bolivian Mining Projects

LAS VEGAS, November 7, 2012/PRNewswire/ -- FRANKLIN MINING, INC. (Pink - News) is pleased to announce that the Companys CEO, William Petty, has returned to Bolivia to review progress at each of the company's two joint-venture work sites, and is pleased to report that Franklin has relocated 70 truck loads, approximately 16 tons each load, of recovered material from the La Joya mine.

The material recovered has been relocated to Franklin's storage properties and is being evaluated and analyzed in preparation for the initiation of processing. In past evaluations the property has revealed the probability of yielding considerable mineral production. Previous testing and analysis of materials recovered from the company's La Joya joint-venture mine yielded gold contents as high as 5 grams, +/-, per ton which equates to about 80 grams per load or a potential range of 5600 grams of Ore alone. The Company intends to announce the latest evaluation results upon completion, which is estimated to conclude within the next 10 days.

Chief Executive officer, William Petty will be meeting with two Processing Engineers on November 9th to design an effective production strategy. Final preparations to initiate their environmentally friendly processing procedure are underway. Current stockpiles of recovered material are pending finalization of transportation agreements which are expected as early as next week.

We are very pleased to announce progress on these properties. The potential in Bolivia is advantageous. We are very excited about the revenue opportunity this presents with Ore and other precious metals being valued in the current range. stated William Petty, Chief Executive Officer.

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