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President and CEO, William Petty, announced on September 9th, 2013 that the company projects $10 million in revenues will be generated over the next 15 months. Mining operations are currently recovering approximately 6 grams per ton at their Oruru, Bolivia processing facility. This processing facility has a current run-rate of approximately 100 tons per day and plant expansion, which is currently underway, will increase the processing run-rates to 350 tons per day.

On June 10th of this year, Franklins CEO and President announced that Franklin Oil and Gas was again going to become a participant in exploiting the oil resources in Bolivia and neighboring countries with the support of local and regional governments. Although Franklin Oil and Gas is a private company, its largest shareholder is Franklin Mining, Inc. As shareholders, we believe that this is exciting news and, should Franklin be successful in its efforts, Franklin could become a major mining and oil stakeholder in both Central and South America.

With respect to their mining operations, Franklin has invested heavily in exploration dollars over the past decade while proving up 3 properties to which they hold mining rights. The company has executed on the business plan that was formulated 5 years ago, and they are now positioned to deliver on profitability projections which we believe will have a strong upside for investors and have interested parties in the mining industry take notice. Of particular interest to shareholders and prospective shareholders, the company recently filed a 15c211 which, subject to review and comment by the regulatory authorities, could have the company becoming DTC eligible within the next few weeks.


Established as a Colorado exploration and mining company in 1864, Franklin Mining and Mill Co. worked multiple mines located approximately 1.5 miles north of Idaho Springs, Colorado. The company quickly grew to include a number of underground mining operations and with the company constructing its own flotation mill that produced concentrates of gold, silver, lead and zinc.

Mine operations began in 1865 and continued until the United States government curtailed gold mining during World War I. Mine operations, allowed to resume during the United States Great Depression, were again curtailed following the outbreak of World War II. There has been limited mining activity at the Franklin mines since that time.

Franklin Consolidated Mining Co, Inc. had been formed under the laws of the State of Delaware in 1976 for the purpose of acquiring and developing mineral properties. The original Franklin Mines were acquired in 1989 and mining and milling operations began that same year.

Franklin Mining, Inc. is a publicly traded company. The company is headquartered in Carson City, Nevada with offices in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The companys principal United States mining property is the Franklin Mines located near Idaho Springs, in Clear Creek County, Colorado.

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