Mina San luis

San Luis

Potosi, Chayanta, Canton Pocoata - 225 Hectares

Personal & Con?dential - Draft

The physical gold is presented in the form of grains or nuggets 5mm laminated shaped pellets 2-4 mm and

ultra ?ne gold or ?ne microscopic. The size of these microscopic particles are in the range of 4-16 microns by

100 microns smaller percentage

The metallurgical tests have also shown that there are sub-microscopic particles of gold encapsulated in the

lattice of pyrite.

Silver is associated with tetrahedrite, stibnite and galena. The geological study we can determine that the

auriferous deposit Oro San Luis is segregated.

It can be approximated reserve potential in-situ based on considering planimetria length 1.5 km, width 1.5 km

and an average height of 80 meters., Only the visible part and which is not under the same, the depth and

concentration are unknown, thus obtaining a volume of 180,000,000 m3 of material secreted auriferous


For the current pro?le assumed a laboratory result of a law gms/m3 0.0350, subtracting 20% dilution factor of

sample handling, which gives us 0.280 gms/m3.

Likewise we calculate the potential gold reserves segregated from the mining concession in studio and take as

parameter 1500 meters long, 1500 meters wide and a height of 80 mts. Totaling a volume of 180,000,000 m3

which we apply the law of grs/m3 0.280. Giving a ?gure of 50 tonnes of physical gold and segregated. This

corresponds to 50% esudio Reservoir.

If we consider the system of metallurgical gold recovery recommended by the Metallurgical Laboratory UMSA,

these values increase sharply to 106.00 tons of gold in the area depths considered.

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Security and Operations

Local Police enforce security for the local


National Military enforce security within the


Franklin Mining retains contract security

during transportation.

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